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Our Service

a)      Catering
We do whether social or corporate, formal or informal, we offer fuss-free catering services tailor made to your every discerning need.
Kindly contact our customer service at 03-5622 5339 / 017-2191 428 (Mr. Choon) or leave your request at for further information.
b)      Education Program
Interested please email your name, contact, number of participant to or call 012-5487918 (Mr. Shin Wong) for registration.
c)      Delivery service
We do not have delivery service at the moment.

Sushi King Card

a)      Card Purchase
Sushi King Card is available in all Sushi King outlets from September to January month. While Stocks last.
b)      Online Purchase Sushi King Card
For the current moment there is no online purchase for Sushi King Card.
c)      Card Renew
Sushi King Card is yearly renewing basic, a standard member RM20 fees will be charge when members renew the card.
d)     Member Detail Update
Kindly furnish us the card number and the changed details to Sushi King Website: Contact Us, Feedback / Enquiry for necessary update. 
e)      Lost Card
We do not have any replacement card for lost card. However, we may deliver only the new card at the price of RM 10 to the nearest outlet for your easy collection.
But, if member card lost is supported with police report, new card will be given out for free.
Thus, if you do have the police report, please email or fax the police report to Customer Service at or 03-5622 5300.

Halal Issue

  a) Are Sushi King Restaurants Halal certified by JAKIM?
Sushi King is not certified 'Halal' from Jakim.
Our meat materials such as chicken, beef and seafood are from Halal-certified source.
All food served at Sushi King restaurants is pork-free.
Rest assures, no mirin (Japanese cooking wine) and no alcohol added in all our products, sushi or sashimi.
      b) Are the food products served suitable for Muslim’s consumption?
We are serving products which are pork free and without additional alcohol ingredient content. Our drinks are all also non-alcoholic.
  c) Why is Sushi King still not getting Halal Certificate from JAKIM?
Management of Sushi Kin Sdn. Bhd. is still in the research progress towards getting Halal Certification from JAKIM.


Sushi King Voucher

a)      Voucher purchase
Sushi King Voucher is available for sell. Kindly contact our Admin Department at 03-5622 5236 for further information.
b)      Voucher expired
We are sorry to inform that we are unable to extend the voucher validity date. We hope that you would be able to utilize the voucher before it is expired.


Sushi King Restaurants are owned by Texchem Group of Companies, we do not open for franchise at the moment.

Outlet Contact Number

We do not usually disclose outlet contact number to public. For any further enquiry, kindly call us at our head office at 03-5622 5200.


Reservation is not being practiced at Sushi King. It is of 'First Come First Served' basis.

Sushi Rice

Our sushi rice is mix with sushi vinegar but not wine.  Our soy sauce (shoyu) and sweet sauce (nitsume) also do not have alcohol added.

Birthday Discount

We do not have any special discount for birthday.


Kindly refer Sushi King Website: Contact Us, Career Opportunities for further details.